Can I get an IRC network? Yes. We host a variety of IRCd Packages on our IRCd page. If you would like to run your own IRC... Can you install an IRCd for me? Yes. If you request an IRCd set up when you place your order with us we will install the most... Can you install pjIRC/some other IRC java script for me? If you require any help installing pjIRC all you need to do is post a ticket on our ticket... How can I add/edit the motd? The best way to add/edit your motd (message of the day) is to open notepad on your desktop.Once... How can I add/edit the rules? The best way to add/edit your rules is to open notepad on your desktop.Once opened type in what... How can I connect to IRC? After your IRC is set up you can then connect on an IRC client. See the "links that are... How do I connect my hub to my leaves? You connects your leaves to your hubs via your link blocks & listen ports in your... How do I install UnrealIRCd? To install UnrealIRCd you need to know how to SSH into your account then you can follow this step... How do I reboot my IRC if I need to? If you are just adding admins ect to config you have no need for a full reboot you can get it to... Is there an alternate IRC server other than Unreal ? Yes. Below is a list of alternate IRCd servers with link so you can look them up:- AUSTnetIRCd... Is there an alternate java chat client other than pjIRC? Yes. Below is a list of alternate java chat clients with links to their respective homepages:-... Links that are related to IRC that you might find useful Where you can find out prices & order an IRCd from BitBoxes. Where to find an assortment... What is IRC? IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. IRC is a massive network of text-based chat channels (rooms)... What is a hub? A hub is used to provide multiple links to other IRC servers on your network. People tend to get... What is a leaf? A leaf is what connects to a hub for your users to join on. You can connect upto 10 leafs on 1 hub. What is a link block? A link block is what tells one IRCd what ip port & password to connect to the other ip is.It... What is an IRCd? An IRCD (Internet Relay Chat Daemon) is a computer program to create an IRC server on which... What is pjIRC? PJIRC is an open source Java applet IRC client. It can be embedded in a web page and used on any... What is the IRC Network Routing ? IRC network routing is when you link a hub to a leaf & tell it what route to take via link... What is the most popular IRCd to use? To BitBoxes's knowledge the most popular IRCd program to be used is UnrealIRCd, which is why we...
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