Updated privacy policy

Fyi we have slitly updated our privacy policy you can now find it at: https://billing.bitboxes.co.uk/pp.txt  any problems etc pls open a ticket or email us.

1st May 2018
Virgil Shared IRCD Server

Our server Virgil is now end of life (two year old now), Customers on this server will be moved to Alan the new IRCD hosting server sometime this week.

These customers should pls note that as the OS is newer some program you may have installed may need a recomple.


7th Mar 2016
Unreal IRCD

Due to mass Abuse reports please make sure all IRCD are version Unreal3.2.10.5 (or later), older versions of this ircd will get blocked by the firewall.

24th Nov 2015
google checkout is shuting down

an email we keep getting from google: Google Checkout service is ending Hello, Last month, we announced Google Checkout will be shut down on November 20, 2013. You're receiving this email because our records show you have used Google Checkout to accept payments in the last month. You will need to migrate to another option to avoid ... Read More »

17th Sep 2013

IPv6 is now here at BitBoxes !!! want one? just ask :D

7th Apr 2013
Updated Billing system

Just to let you all know we have updated our billing system. If you have any problems please open a ticket Thank you :)

18th Jun 2011

All clients on our Tin-Tin server now have active Vhosts for their BNC packages.

The list of Free Public Vhosts can be found on our Vhosts page.

20th May 2010
Spring Promotions

Our Spring Promotions will be running from1st April - 30th April 2010. You can order any of our services & get 20% off for the first 3 month by using our Spring20% promotional code. If you spend over £10 in one order then you can choose either a BNC, eggdrop or Basic Webhosting Account free for the fisrt 3 months by using the ... Read More »

30th Mar 2010
Regarding Short Downtime overnight 28/03/10

We would like to apologise to any clients who experienced downtime overnight. There was a small fire on one of the backbones from France to the UK. Some of our services were offline about 5 minutes & then they were rerouted & are now running as normal. We apologies for any inconvenience caused by this downtime but unfortunately it was ... Read More »

28th Mar 2010
New Templates added for our VPS Systems.

We have recently tested a few more templates for our VPS systems & have added the ones we found to be working on our system.

The following templates have been added for clients to choose from :-




19th Mar 2010