Regarding Short Downtime overnight 28/03/10

  • 28th March 2010
We would like to apologise to any clients who experienced downtime overnight. There was a small fire on one of the backbones from France to the UK. Some of our services were offline about 5 minutes & then they were rerouted & are now running as normal. We apologies for any inconvenience caused by this downtime but unfortunately it was ...
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New Templates added for our VPS Systems.

  • 19th March 2010

We have recently tested a few more templates for our VPS systems & have added the ones we found to be working on our system.

The following templates have been added for clients to choose from :-




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New Forum

  • 13th March 2010

We have recently upgraded our forum to MyBB.

Feel free to call in join as a member & have your say.

If you would like to see something on the forum ie another tutorial or another script or anything in general feel free to add a post requesting & we will sort asap.


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New Affiliates Section Now Open.

  • 13th March 2010
We have recently set up an affiliates section for all clients. As a client you can access your account details & look at your affiliates tab & see your personal affiliate code. If you give this code to people you refer to us you will receive 10% of the total of their order as credit to your account. You will receive this 10% for each ...
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