What is a link block?

A link block is what tells one IRCd what ip port & password to connect to the other ip is.
It can be found in your UnrealIRCd.conf & will look like example below :-

link ircd.bitboxes.co.uk//<----***Add the name you want to link to***/
username *; //<---***most leave * as blank ***/
hostname; //<---***Put ip of IRCd your connecting to here***/
bind-ip; //<---***Put your ip here ***/
port 1234; //<---***Put what port you want IRCds to connect together on.***/
hub *; //<---***Most leave blank***/
password-connect "ConnectPassword"; //<---***Password same as in hub---***/
password-receive "ConnectPassword"; //<---***Password same as in hub---***/
class servers;
options { //<---***set for ssl autoconnect any connect options you want to add inside {} with same as already entered depending on what options you want to use***/

When you are connecting a hub & a leaf remember to do both link blocks to see each other. Use name you want to link to in link.
Make sure you have set same port password & options on both link blocks you want to connect.
If you are connecting services or neostats always link to hub you installed it on. You will find services & neos run better on hubs.
Never use autoconnect on neostats or services if they go offline manually reboot to relink.

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