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Anope is your networks services.


Below is a list of functions (with links to commands) and brief reasons why to run them:-

  • Botserv.
    Botserv gives you channel services bots that are named what you want to name them as you make them.
  • Hostserv.
    Hostserv gives you the means to set vhosts on your network & remembers them in its logs.
  • Memoserv.
    Memoserv gives you the functions to leave messages for other nicks even if offline.
  • Operserv.
    Operserv is where you add your admins & netadmins so they can use services functions.
  • Chanserv.
    Chanserv lets you register channels to nicks & set powers in each channel.
  • Nickserv.
    Nickserv lets you register your nick & identify.

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