Links that are related to IRC that you might find useful

  • Where you can find out prices & order an IRCd from BitBoxes.
  • Where to find an assortment of IRCd install.tars.
  • Where to find Unrealircd.s config ready for you to adapt to your needs..
  • Where to find a tutorial on installing UnrealIRCd.
  • Where to find nearly all the basic commands for Unreal & Anope you will ever need.
  • What wikipedia has to say about UnrealIRCd.
  • UnrealIRCd's official Homepage.
  • Wikipedia's comparison of IRCd's.
  • An advanced guide to IRC commands.
  • What wikipedia has to say about Internet Relay Chat (IRC) in general.

Some links to Irc Clients addons & commands to help you choose what to use :-

  • Where to find an assortment of IRC clients to connect to your IRCd with.
  • Hawkee's site is for mIRC scripts & addons.
  • Scriptheaven is another popular site for mIRC scripts & addons.
  • mIRC's Homepage.
  • BitchX is a linux Windows & unix IRC client.
  • Bersirc Open Source IRC Client.
  • Chatzilla the Firefox addon to connect to IRC.
  • Epic linux client's Homepage.
  • Irssi linux client's Homepage.
  • Klient is an IRC client for windows.
  • Konversation is a user friendly IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client for KDE.
  • Kopete the KDE instant messenger.
  • KVIrc is an IRC client for linux.
  • Miranda is a windows client.
  • A list of more IRC clients.
  • A list of windows based IRC clients.
  • VisualIRC's Homepage.
  • Weechat is a linux client.
  • PjIRC is a java irc client.
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