How do I reboot my IRC if I need to?

If you are just adding admins ect to config you have no need for a full reboot you can get it to see the new commands with /rehash.
If your sat on an alternate shell to the one you added commands to you can still use rehash but it will be (example /rehash replace bitboxes with your own IRCd name you want to rehash).

If for any reason you do need to reboot your IRC here's an explanation on how to do it:-
First you need to SSH into your account.
Once inside follow this :-
cd Unreal3.2 ( gets you into your IRC folder).
Stop your IRCd by typing ./unreal stop.
To restart your IRCd you type ./unreal start Once you have typed start if its config is correct & link blocks are correct it will rejoin your network.

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