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Atheme is a portable, secure set of open source, modular IRC services released under the BSD license, designed to run on many IRCds. Unlike alternative packages, Atheme's core is minimalistic, providing only core functionality. Atheme is a complete services set, excluding features designed for oper abuse.
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Bahamut is an Internet Relay Chat Daemon (IRCd) designed for DALnet, one of the major IRC networks in the world. You may be familiar with DreamForge, the previous DALnet IRCd.
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This is an IRC server for windows and linux IRC is the standard protocol for chat on internet Even though IRC is only text, it is popular. Right now, hundreds of thousands of people are using irc, most of them are on 4 big nets: Undernet, EFnet, IRCnet, and Quakenet. running your own IRC server is very useable for different kinds of communication on internet or LAN, such as: * online education, school * helpdesk, support * your own place/meeting point to chat with friends, independent of existing nets. You want to be IRCop? * chat on your website (combined with a java client) * testing (mIRC) scripts
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Charybdis is an ircd used on various networks such as StaticBox and SorceryNet, based on ircd-ratbox.
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This Unreal3.2.8.1.tar.gz is the one with the backdoor trojan removed. UnrealIRCd is an Open Source IRC Server. Development of UnrealIRCd began in May of 1999. Unreal was created from the Dreamforge IRCd that was formerly used by the DALnet IRC Network. Over the years, many new and exciting features have been added to Unreal. It is hard to even see a resemblance between the current Unreal and Dreamforge.
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